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Why React Native?

Our makers have spent an average of 6+ years in ReactJS/Typescript and leveraging that for mobile apps is obvious for us. Developing once and deploying on both iOS and Android from one code base saves us considerable time. If we're also doing an accompanying web app, we can share code between web and app to leverage more out of budgets.

Backed by Facebook and used by multiple unicorn companies, it has the widest base of support of any cross-platform framework and a rich ecosystem of third party plugin.

Flutter, Ionic, Native, RN?

We're nerds. We continously evaluate technologies.

What peaks our interest is stuff that allows us to iterate fast, delivering product to our clients weekly, so they can evaluate and give feedback.

Flutter uses Dart which is a language practically no one uses elsewhere. It used to have a speed advantage over RN, but RN has since closed the gap (Fabric renderer). Native GUIs are re-implemented in Flutter, so if something is missing, you're simply out of luck. Besides that the ecosystem doesn't instill confidence.

Ionic tries to offer something for Vue and Angular developers as well as React, spreading their focus thin over multiple frameworks. That's fine but we're always 100% React

Native iOS or Android has its use cases, but for the vast majority of business/productivity and leisure apps these days, you should not go native.

React Native is the one that checks all requirements for us.

What our clients say

Makers' Den played a key role in building our centralized moderation system. They're delivery-focused, consistently shipping high quality solutions. We found in them a partner we can trust to make the right architectural, technological and personnel decisions to best support our business interest.

Head of Product - OLX

Makers’ Den built bespoke frontends and APIs with Typescript/ReactJS/NodeJS which connect with Klarna’s existing services to deliver cutting edge payment journeys. Their engineers provided excellent on-site technical expertise, communication and a culture of transparency and consistent delivery for a full year.

Head of Global Enterprise Custom Solutions at Klarna

Our Devs Share

A look inside React fiber ➤
Korneliusz wrote the seminal guide on how React Fibre works before it was released. Still a good read for people who want to understand it under the hood.

Implementing a design system with React ➤
Harrison wrote down tips on the tools (typescript, styled-system, styled components, storybook, jest, rollup) and best practices he used when he implemented the custom design system for

FLIP animation in React ➤
Korneliusz presents the FLIP animation technique and how to implement achieve these UX friendly animations using React.

RedwoodJS ➤
Carl did one of the first articles on RedwoodJS a day after its initial announcement. Get a glimpse on how it may become the Ruby on Rails of React development and dethrone it for rapid prototypes.

Meet Your Makers


Packs more than a decade of development experience, from architecture to UX. A Scala/Java heavyweight whose current love is React and NodeJS.


Managing Director and a seasoned software engineer. Passionate about cloud architecture and frontend development, especially the React ecosystem.


A passionate software engineer with a React/Typescript focus. Over 10+ years of experience which includes conference speaking and authoring of test automation courses.


Former Yacht designer who found a passion for frontend development with ReactJS and hasn’t looked back since his first commit. Driven full-stack developer with a keen attention to detail.


A senior React/Typescript dev with 6+ years of experience, working on fintech with global clients. She is a passionate advocate for women in tech and has started volunteer projects to help women enter the industry.


A full-stack dev with 15 years of experience working primarily on front-ends. He has worked for non-profits and multi-nationals creating apps that power intuitive web products in games, information systems and healthcare.


Erik has 20 years of development experience between Sweden, London and Berlin. A developer with an eye for design and vast experience in Mobile, Web and Backends.


Rob’s path goes on from enterprise consultant, via startup CTO, to indie hacker with two prospering products. True fullstack, from mobile to cloud infra. Keen sailor and crypto analyst.


AI, machine learning & data science powerhouse with coding skills and a pragmatic approach to boot. When not busy managing PhD offers, he stays on top of all things blockchain. Breaching security is his favorite evening pastime.

Why hire us

We love what we do and only employ people with a similar mindset. You ship faster by working with a small team where each member is a true senior. With us you get direct access to everyone. This keeps overhead low and output high.

You are in control. We offer full transparency of progress and potential problems. We keep you informed and present options, but you make the decisions.

Our clients are important to us. Projects start and end, but the relationships with our clients usually span multiple years.

We're not the right choice for everyone, but if you care about the service you're creating - and would like to work with makers that share your conviction - we could be a good fit.

Frequently asked questions

I want to keep my idea confidential. Will you sign an NDA with me?

Yes, we sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) always when a client wants it. We can do it at the very beginning before we discuss your project's details, or at another stage of the process - it's up to you.

Do I own the intellectual property rights of my application?

Yes, you are the owner of Intellectual Property rights at all times.

Where is your development team located?

Berlin. We can co-locate with you if you have an office in Berlin, or we will work remotely for you from our own office.

What is the pricing model?

You work with us on a Time & Materials basis. The total cost depends on the actual time the team spends on the development. You are in charge of the project’s scope and set priorities for the development team.

Time & Materials allows flexibility for you to set the direction of development depending on the users’ feedback, market situation, or opportunities that arise during the development.

For more about how we create estimates read how to estimate software projects.

What would my development team look like?

We adjust the team depending on your needs. Our speciality is low overhead teams, where every member is contributing concretely towards customer facing features. That means everyone is either doing development or design.

Roles like Project managment, Business Analysts and QA are responsibilies which are shouldered by our business oriented developers or designers.

You will traditionally take the role of a Product Owner, making decisions on priority and scope.

Can you hand the code over to another team?

Yes. We create easily understandble and maintainable code using well known frameworks which don’t require niche knowledge.

The runtime environments are always either your own or easily duplicatable in common cloud environments like AWS.

What is the experience level of my team?

We only like to use seniors. It is tempting to use “average” developers when looking to optimize hourly prices, but the difference in output of a true senior developer compared to a passable one tends to be staggering, easily 10x.

How am I kept up-to-date of development?

We have fixed length iterations (1-2 weeks), at the end of which you will be demoed the current progress. You will have access to team members through Slack, email and video calls and our regular meetings.

We can also regularly work on-site in your office if you’re in Berlin. In addition to this you will have access to our project management tools (Jira or Asana), which we update daily.

Let’s talk React Native

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