NodeJS Development Agency

We NodeJS.

NodeJS is our preferred backend platform
paired with Express, GraphQL, Serverless and AWS.

Craftsmen for your NodeJS backends

We work both on-site in Berlin or as remote extensions of your team's developers.

Our makers have spent an average of 7+ years in Javascript and we're loving it - although we mostly develop in Typescript nowadays. We're particularly keen on using Serverless, but can also dockerize our NodeJS backends properly for your cloud to auto-scale.

What our clients say

Makers' Den played a key role in building our centralized moderation system. They're delivery-focused, consistently shipping high quality solutions. We found in them a partner we can trust to make the right architectural, technological and personnel decisions to best support our business interest.

Head of Product - OLX

Makers’ Den built bespoke frontends and APIs with Typescript/ReactJS/NodeJS which connect with Klarna’s existing services to deliver cutting edge payment journeys. Their engineers provided excellent on-site technical expertise, communication and a culture of transparency and consistent delivery for a full year.

Head of Global Enterprise Custom Solutions at Klarna

Our tools, your tech

We know our tools intricately. We’re big on Javascript / Typescript and use it full stack.

We love working with:

  • NodeJS - Best serverless support
  • GraphQL - The future of APIs
  • Serverless - #NoOps
  • Docker - When serverlesss isn't a fit
  • AWS - Most versatile cloud service
  • Databases - Mostly PostgreSQL, Mongo and DynamoDB
  • and the rest, chosen based on the needs of your service.

Let’s talk backend

Carl-Petter Bertell

We're based in Berlin