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Full-stack development

We supported Klarna to start a new “Custom Solutions” team with the purpose of building bespoke payment solutions for their globally operating clients.

“Makers’ Den enabled us to hit the ground running conducting special projects with our enterprise clients. We are building bespoke frontends and APIs with Typescript / ReactJS / NodeJS which connect with Klarna’s existing services to deliver cutting edge payment journeys. Their engineers provided excellent on-site technical expertise, communication and a culture of transparency and consistent delivery for a full year.”
Head of Global Enterprise
Custom Solutions at Klarna

Rock-solid technical expertise

We re-built the main marketing site & blog for FRI:DAY Versicherungen using React, GatsbyJS & Prismic - including extracting a re-usable design system for other frontend teams to consume. FRI:DAY is on the fore-front of digital insurance in Germany, backed by the esteemed Swiss insurer Baloise.

Makers' Den provided us with a talented team who could come in and accelerate critical development projects. They took full ownership of set objectives and delivered a leading edge website builder and a React component based design system. Our content team is psyched over the usability of our new website & cms and our developers are thrilled by the quality of the delivered code. Given the chance, I can highly recommend working with Makers' Den.
Head of Product. FRI:DAY

Data +Algorithm +UX = Product

As a global classified ads platform, OLX faces unique challenges in ensuring customer safety and content quality. We are responsible for developing a solution to address the needs of moderation teams across all chapters of the company. We chose React and GraphQL as the tech stack to enable fast development, extensibility, and ease of integration.

Makers' Den plays a key role in building our centralized moderation system, integrating multiple user and content moderation flows from all our global verticals. They're delivery-focused, consistently shipping high quality solutions. We found in them a partner we can trust to make the right architectural, technological and personnel decisions to best support our business interest.
Head of Product, Customer Safety & Security

At your service?

Makers’ Den delivered service design, frontend & backend, cloud infrastructure and ML processes; adjusting bits as the project went along. It’s reassuring to work together with experienced craftsmen.
CEO of iHealth Finland
Makers’ Den helped us evaluate our current platform and find the bottlenecks for scale. Thanks to thorough analysis and actionable advice from the team, we feel confident in the platform and our ability to grow without limits.
CEO of Healthzilla
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Packs more than a decade of development experience, from architecture to UX. A Scala/Java heavyweight whose current love is React and NodeJS.


Managing Director and a seasoned software engineer. Passionate about cloud architecture and frontend development, especially the React ecosystem.


Math & petro engineering genius in a love affair with code since the age of 15. Full-stack web, speed and discipline are the key tenets. His ability to dismantle problems and catch details never ceases to amaze.


Former UX designer who found a passion for frontend development with ReactJS and hasn’t looked back since his first commit. Driven full-stack developer with a keen attention to detail.


Rob’s path goes on from enterprise consultant, via startup CTO, to indie hacker with two prospering products. True fullstack, from mobile to cloud infra. Keen sailor and crypto analyst.


AI, machine learning & data science powerhouse with coding skills and a pragmatic approach to boot. When not busy managing PhD offers, he stays on top of all things blockchain. Breaching security is his favorite evening pastime.

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