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It starts in Berlin late 2017, with two ReactJS freelancers, who later team up with a third one.







Late 2017 Berlin developer freelancers Korneliusz Caputa and Carl-Petter Bertell decided to do what they never wanted to do again - work for an agency.

A few months later Makers' Den GmbH was open for business and enjoyed a steady stream of ReactJS work. A couple years later Mateusz Koncikowski joined us as a full partner, and we went into a new growth phase.

We prefer to work in small tight-knit teams with people we know and trust, or together with client teams. It makes communication easy and keeps overhead low.

We're doing what we love and we're ok with our reputation being based on the quality of our work.

- Korneliusz, Carl & Mateusz


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We love what we do
and only employ
people with a
similar mindset

You ship faster by working with a small team where each member is a true senior. With us you get direct access to everyone. This keeps overhead low and output high.

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Meet Your Makers

We like creating together, communicating directly, iterating your vision.


Carl-Petter Bertell

Kalle/Carl-Petter is a partner at Makers' Den and a hands-on programming full-stack architect with close to 20 years of experience and a keen sense of design. He made his first website in the mid 90s, and never really stopped.


Korneliusz Caputa

Korneliusz is a full-stack developer with over a decade of development experience. He has worked with brands around the world to create innovative products and services for their users. He is also one of our founding partners.


Mateusz Koncikowski

A passionate software engineer with a React/Typescript focus and a partner at Makers' Den. Over 10+ years of experience which includes conference speaking and authoring of courses.


Natalia Walasik

A senior React/Typescript dev with 6+ years of experience, working on fintech with global clients. She is a passionate advocate for women in tech and has started volunteer projects to help women enter the industry.


Igor Szukało

Former Yacht designer who found a passion for frontend development with ReactJS and hasn’t looked back since his first commit. Driven full-stack developer with a keen attention to detail.


Mateusz Kłusek

Mateusz is a full-stack software engineer with a focus on the React ecosystem. Before becoming a software engineer, Mateusz worked as a legal advisor specializing in financial markets and international arbitration.


Paweł Pajor

Pawel is a web aficionado - always tinkering and trying the latest tech. Once ReactJS & Typescript came into the picture - it was kismet - and the rest is history.


Norbert Matynia

Leicester based ReactJS developer that thrives on developing digital products with Typescript, Tailwind and React of course.


Mateusz Ziomek

A self-taught web developer deep into React and Typescript. Has a keen interest in backend topics like Domain Driven Design/CQRS/Event Driven Architecture.


Karol Pudło

Karol is a giant among ReactJS development. Focusing on React and React Native, he has built a strong foundation of skills over the past five years and is always looking for new ways to improve and stay current with the latest technology.



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