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Late 2017 developer freelancers Korneliusz Caputa and Carl-Petter Bertell decided to do what they never wanted to do again - work for an agency


We had seen our share of agency work. More than a decade on average. This time it was different though. It was our agency and we could make sure its values were aligned with delivering value to our clients.

A few months later Makers' Den GmbH was open for business, and some time after that the actual Den, i.e. our first office in Berlin was opened.

We prefer to work in small tight-knit teams with our own people and select freelancers we know and trust, either on-site in Berlin together with client teams, or in our den. It makes communication easy and keeps overhead low.

Our existence is staked on your success. We're doing what we love and we're ok with our reputation being based on the quality of our work.

- Korneliusz & Carl

The T-shaped maker

We value having diversity in our people, but moreso we value that they have diverse talents themselves.

We don't have persons that just do one thing. They'll do one or two things better than most on this planet, but in general their skillsets are wide enough to comprehend the complex contexts of our clients and are able to contribute far beyond their advertised expertise.

Meet Your Makers


Packs more than a decade of development experience, from architecture to UX. A Scala/Java heavyweight whose current love is React and NodeJS.


Managing Director and a seasoned software engineer. Passionate about cloud architecture and frontend development, especially the React ecosystem.


A passionate software engineer with a React/Typescript focus. Over 10+ years of experience which includes conference speaking and authoring of test automation courses.


Former Yacht designer who found a passion for frontend development with ReactJS and hasn’t looked back since his first commit. Driven full-stack developer with a keen attention to detail.


A senior React/Typescript dev with 6+ years of experience, working on fintech with global clients. She is a passionate advocate for women in tech and has started volunteer projects to help women enter the industry.


A full-stack dev with 15 years of experience working primarily on front-ends. He has worked for non-profits and multi-nationals creating apps that power intuitive web products in games, information systems and healthcare.


Erik has 20 years of development experience between Sweden, London and Berlin. A developer with an eye for design and vast experience in Mobile, Web and Backends.


Rob’s path goes on from enterprise consultant, via startup CTO, to indie hacker with two prospering products. True fullstack, from mobile to cloud infra. Keen sailor and crypto analyst.


AI, machine learning & data science powerhouse with coding skills and a pragmatic approach to boot. When not busy managing PhD offers, he stays on top of all things blockchain. Breaching security is his favorite evening pastime.

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