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We are not a wordpress agency. We specialize in creating statically generated websites with React - served from CDNs - to deliver your content milliseconds faster than the competition. We serve top tier companies to deliver performant websites far beyond the grey mass of slow wordpress sites.

What our clients say

Makers' Den delivered a leading edge website builder and a React based design system. Our content team is thrilled over the usability of our new website & cms and our developers are thrilled by the quality of the delivered code. Given the chance, I can highly recommend working them.

Head of Product - FRI:DAY

Makers’ Den built bespoke frontends and APIs with Typescript/ReactJS/NodeJS which connect with Klarna’s existing services to deliver cutting edge payment journeys. Their engineers provided excellent on-site technical expertise, communication and a culture of transparency and consistent delivery for a full year.

Head of Global Enterprise Custom Solutions at Klarna

Our tools, your tech

We’re big on statically generated websites managed via a headless CMS, using JAMStack philosophy.

Among our top choices for websites are:

  • Figma - Design & UX
  • ReactJS - #1 Frontend ecosystem
  • GastbyJS/NextJS - Both great for static site generation with React
  • - the headless CMS preferred by content creators
  • Contentful - the headless CMS preferred by enterprises
  • Netlify - The most hands-off hosting solution
  • AWS - When you want to have a bit more control
  • and the rest, chosen based on the needs of your service.

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