30 Nov 2023


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Product Customizers with Kickflip and Headless Commerce

Discover how to elevate your e-commerce with Kickflip, using headless commerce for unique, personalized shopping experiences that stand out.


By Kalle Bertell



Headless commerce and composable commerce has become more and more popular in recent years as product based companies want to differentiate their online presence from the run-of-the-mill e-commerce experiences. Having a unique online brand via your website, whilst it seamlessly serves as your digital flagship store is table stakes if you want to compete for consumer mind share.

This article is about leveraging product customizers like Kickflip in such headless commerce solutions. Product customizers allow your buyers to customize your product, e.g. changing colors, adding text, adding extras, , and previewing what the item that "they built" will look like.

It's an experience that fuses their identity with your product, and creates a sense of ownership that ultimately equates to brand loyalty.

imageMake your wrist watch yours (Source: gokickflip.com)

Understanding Headless Commerce

The old way of doing e-commerce is with a traditional monolithic e-commerce platform. With these you will often end up with an experience seen a thousand times earlier, which is completely disconnected from your brand and your marketing website.

Customizing your whole website to be built around the story of your product, so that it seamlessly goes from the initial peak of interest, to an effortless checkout, in an experience that is bespoke to your product is something that can't be easily copied by product cloners and other e-commerce sites.

The Role of React in E-commerce Frontends

At Makers' Den we use ReactJS to create bespoke shopping experiences and user interfaces. It allows us to make digital storefronts customized to your product without compromises. ReactJS is the #1 frontend framework, originally created by Meta/Facebook, and is used by over 90% of all market innovators/startups.

Shopify as a Reliable Headless E-commerce Backend

We prefer to build on top of Shopify because it is completely compatible with the headless/composable approach when you use it as a pure e-commerce backend. It is also an officially supported approach by Shopify via their extensive APIs and Hydrogen framework, which promotes using Shopify in this manner. By being on Shopify you can leverage their global infrastructure, as well as all the backend UIs and PIM functionalities and integrations out there - meaning you can reach global scale of operations from the get-go.

imageYour personal lego character (Source: gokickflip.com)

Kickflip – Making Product Customization Easy

Kickflip has an intuitive and elegant interface that allows users to visualize endless product variants. One of its key features is the live preview functionality, which includes multiple perspectives to ensure the final product meets customer expectations.

It's very flexible in terms of where it can be integrated, and its product configuration options can be managed by non-technical people without requiring development teams. You can launch new customizable products for sale as long as you can produce the relevant digital assets in-house.

Kickflip + React + Shopify = Makers' Den

Makers' Den, as an official partner of Kickflip, can help you integrate Kickflip into your existing custom storefront, or include it when building your new digital flagship store based on Shopify.

As a full-stack ReactJS specialized agency with Shopify expertise, we're uniquely positioned to help product companies launch their digital presence and start converting demanding audiences that want variants of your product matching their preferences.


With a digital flagship store that reflects your unique brand and custom products in every checkout that reflects your buyer's personality, your offering is something that cannot be copied.

This is made possible with a composable commerce approach, putting together platforms and technologies like Shopify, React and Kickflip.

imagePersonalize your style (Source: gokickflip.com)


  • Headless commerce enables unique, brand-centric online experiences, diverging from generic e-commerce platforms.

  • ReactJS is pivotal in crafting bespoke, uncompromised user interfaces for digital storefronts.

  • Shopify, supported by APIs and the Hydrogen framework, excels as a scalable, headless commerce backend.

  • Kickflip provides an intuitive, flexible interface for effortless, varied product customization.

  • Makers' Den specializes in integrating Kickflip with custom Shopify storefronts using ReactJS.

  • Combining Shopify, React, and Kickflip creates unique, personalized digital stores, offering unparalleled brand and product experiences.

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By Kalle Bertell

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